Sunday, November 2, 2014

Finished.... Iao Bridge Painting

Finished this little painting some time ago, but forgot to post it. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Save Your Paint Puddles - Easy easy easy...

Get a cheap glass flat-bottom casserole or baking dish and put your Oil paint puddles and mixtures in it with a painting knife at the end of a paint session.  (Note - this will not work with acrylics or water miscible oils either!)  Cover with water until next time.  Will keep my paint fresh for weeks - minimizes waste.

This is so quick and easy - takes all of 5 minutes and then you can scrape down your palette and clean it up for a fresh start the next day.

I put the paint out about 20 min before I start - while I make a cup of tea - and by the time I begin any water drips left are irrelevant.  I wipe out my pyrex baking dish with a paper towel and a little Gamsol and that's ready to go again too.  This dish is dedicated solely for this purpose.  I Never clean it out and bake in it - just think that's not the best idea.

Another note:  Though it's not necessary if you don't have animals, I cover mine with a piece of aluminum foil to keep our cat from drinking the water.