Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Procreate Uses for Painting and Sunflowers

Been painting in fits and starts as my kids are out of school.  We're having fun swimming, hiking etc...  In between I'm working on a new series of paintings - images coming in the next couple of months.  Also doing a bit more signage etc.

Don't remember the last time I mentioned this, but for anyone interested in digital art - take a look at Procreate.  (The iPad version - though the iPhone version is quite useable).   It's easy to find on the app store.  For less than $10 it's the deal of the century.  I noticed just now it doesn't have great reviews, but I cannot imagine why.  I use it for many things - including painting.  (I also use it on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil)

A couple of the terrific uses for Procreate in painting:  it's super easy to turn your image upside down in Procreate to get a fresh perspective on drawing and values.  It's also great for isolating a color from a reference photo that may be giving you grief.  You can easily see the hue and value by picking it directly from the photo with your finger and it compares that color with the last color you looked at so you can see the relative difference between the two.

Hope you're getting lots of painting in!  Thanks for reading my blog - Much appreciated!!

The cherry blossoms are a wedding present for a dear friend.