Metal Point Drawing Tools

Pure Dead Soft Silver and Copper 

Drawing Points

Heavy 4 Gauge Wire

Choose 2 Styles of Tip per Point: Chisel, Bevel, Conical

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I make awesome, 4 gauge metal point drawing implements in both "dead soft" pure silver and copper.

Each one is tooled completely by hand using a series of rasps and different grade sandpapers, then polished to a mirror finish.  The Chisel point offers a great deal of variety in mark making and is my personal favorite.

You have three different point styles to pick from - conical, chisel, and slanted bevel.  Please choose two styles per point. Email me if you have any questions.

The advantage of the large point is the control you have in smoothly laying down larger, even passages of silver or copper in your drawings.

Each point comes with a triangular holder that's comfortable to work with and allows you to easily remove the point and flip it around to use the other end.

Your point is made to order, by hand, so turnaround time is 2 days - 1 week.  Copper points ship very quickly as I have a local source here on Maui.  Silver points sometimes take longer because I have to special order the pure silver wire. Your order will be on its way ASAP - promise!  Email me anytime to check on your point's progress.  I'll even send you progress pics...  (If holidays or anything else delays your delivery time, I'll be in contact with you)

Shipping is included to anywhere in the United States.   Email me to check on shipping charges to other parts of the world.

You can see some of my metal point drawings at

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My own seven metal point tools I affectionately call my jewels.  Platinum is the new addition to the family and plan on adding it to my inventory in the near future.