Saturday, November 21, 2015

Working out a new one - almost Pau (finished)

I've almost finished a new one.  Love the Reds!  Added a transparent oxide red to my limited palette - makes for much richer darks with the phthalo blue...

Try it - Permanent Red, Cad Yellow Light, Phthalo Blue, Transparent Oxide Red and a white of your choice.  It really helps to premix secondaries and the key colors of your subject.  I also mix a yellow ochre, cad yellow deep, browns and a "black" etc...

For this painting I did add a cadmium scarlet - when it's posted in a few days you'll see why -

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Three Kula Pumpkins

This painting was started on location at the Kula Country Farms pumpkin patch and finished in studio.  I was competing for these pumpkins with several hundred elated elementary kids - eventually they won!  Fun!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Process and Work

Though I have been admittedly negligent in my blog postings I have been working really hard!  I've been painting and drawing and designing for some new projects that will be announced in the future.

One thing I have been doing is posting Process Pics regularly to Instagram.  I've included a few in this post, but I highly recommend checking it out.  My Instagram user name is "Elizapainter" - (my middle name being Elizabeth.)   This is not about finished paintings, but about tools and sketches and studies and ideas and  - well, chronicling process... On an almost daily basis.

I've also been working out how to post from my iPad - I'm not at my computer too often but need to stay connected - obviously. Think I got it - by George.   Well - will see...

Been writing a lot too and some of those rumination a will be showing up in the future.

Thank you for reading.