Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Studio Practice

Getting more mobile here - posting this from my iPad. 

In preparing new illustration boards for the next in the metal point Banyan series I spend a couple of days shaking up the bottle of Golden's Silver Point Ground.  Six or seven times a day I give it a really hard shake and then stand it on its head in a cup - thus the illustrated sketch above.  After several days of this, all of the pigment is suspended and I can go ahead and begin coating my board.  The whole process of preparation takes a week or so - including at least 4 coats of ground.  

The above sketch was painted in a "Terraskin" sketchbook.  It's actually made of stones.  Great stuff - it will take silver point, watercolor (though watercolor will lift easily again), pencils of course, acrylic and oil paints without any preliminary gesso.  Very cool stuff!