Monday, February 13, 2017

Painting, painting, painting... And App Recommendations

Prayer Flags from the Sacred Garden

So - I've been totally remiss in posting lately.  I've been painting a Lot - and loving every minute of it!  Getting ready for Maui Open Studios upcountry weekend February 25th and 26th.  I'll be at Sunnyside Art Alliance - 1799 Baldwin Ave, Makawao -  with several other amazing artists!  We'll be there at Deb Lynch's super-beautiful studio from 11 am to 6 pm both days.  

Will be posting previews of some new paintings over the next couple of weeks too.

Took an amazing iPhone photography class at the Hui No'eau that covered primarily ProCamera and Snapseed apps.  I highly recommend both for artists if you use photos as reference materials at all.  ProCamera's HD is able to capture a wide Gamut of visual information to work from.  Snapseed is great for "processing" your pics and shifting them more toward the vision you are aiming for with your painting.  I don't use pics a lot myself though sometimes I'll need to finish a painting from one.  But these are super useful apps if you do.