Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 17th - Hui View

So this pic is an edit to the post - and while it's a bit better than the first it still looks absurd on this platform... Ugh....  Looks great on my computer in Adobe Bridge???  What the heck?  

Anyway - I did this from two sessions on location at the Hui No'eau and then finished with a few tweaks in studio, so don't feel I can truly call it plein air.

So - the study I did for today with the limited palette was way to wet to scan and the colors were just uber awful as an iPhone pic.  This one above I just finished also, and the colors are also Waaaaay off! iPhones just don't see pigments well.  - Much too intense on my monitor.  Will have a better pic of this one soon as well.

As soon as today's study is dry enough I'll scan it and you'll see why the phone camera couldn't "see" it.  The limited palette was Tera Rosa, Yellow Ochre Pale, and Bright Violet - Yikes... Stay Tuned.

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